Whistle in the Wind, pyrography on Basswood, $40, © 2019 by Jay Trefethen

Whistle in the Wind, $40, shipping included.

This was a fun piece to do. I wanted to challenge myself to do a pretty girl with long flowing hair. I also wanted to see if I could convey the idea of a redhead while working monochrome. So did it work? Did you see a redhead when you first looked at this artwork? As usual, this was done without any photo reference, just lots of preliminary sketches. I think it’s a fun, pretty piece of artwork that does a nice job of illustrating the beauty of long wind blown hair (even if you didn’t see her as a redhead.)

The Details

This is a wood burning on a kiln dried basswood round with live edges. It measures 4.6″ wide, 4″ tall and .5″ thick. it has three coats of satin finish varnish for a beautiful satin sheen that really compliments the piece, and provides a durable protective finish. There is a “D” style ring in the back for easy hanging. I did make one minor mistake; when writing the title of the piece on the back, I didn’t leave enough room for the hook. So the hook’s anchor plate covers up part of the title. This is a really minor issue, that shouldn’t detract from the value or beauty of the piece. I only mention it in the spirit of full disclosure. I’m asking $40 it, which is a great price for a great piece of art. The price includes Priority Mail shipping.

Original Fine Art

This is an original design by me, not a copy or a tracing. This is a OOAK, a one of a kind work of heirloom quality art, and a piece I’m very proud of. This would make a great work to start with if you are just breaking into art collecting, or a nice small piece to add to an existing collection. It would make a great gift for anyone who can appreciate a lovely young lady with long lustrous hair. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at jaytref@jaytref.com

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