Never Forget

Never Forget, pyrography on Basswood round, 5.” © 2019 Jay Trefethen

Finished this a few days ago. I lovely Day of the Dead inspired piece. This photo was taken right after I finished burning it, and before it was varnished. Now that I have a few coats of Satin finish varnish on it, I will get some better photos of it, and get it up into my store.

I really love to create small works like this. I am a full time furniture builder, I take care of a handicapped spouse, and create art. With that much on my plate, I don’t always get enough sleep. Small pieces like this are enjoyable, spontaneous, and I can do them in a single sitting. I get my ‘creator’s fix’ and a relatively good nights sleep. I like to think of my small works like an author’s short stories, as apposed to his novels. Short and sweet. My favorite contemporary author is Glen Cook, by the way. You didn’t need to know that, but I overshare when sleep deprived.

I’ll be adding more stuff for sale to my gallery shop, including this piece, so please check back in often.By the way, I really appreciate everyone who is checking out this blog. I really appreciate it. I love sharing my artwork with people who can appreciate bohemian artists like me, and don’t buy into the establishment’s celebrity artist hype. Thank you for thinking for yourself, and searching for artists you like, not artists who the media tells you that you ought to like.

Owl Art Pyrography on Coffee Table

Here are some photos of a coffee table that I built at Pompanoosuc Mills, and then burned with an original owl design. The coffee table is Cherry, 36″ X 22″ X 16.” The pyrography art is 12″ in diameter. This piece will be on display at the Annual Pompanoosuc Mills Tent Sale, Memorial Day Weekend. Come by and take a look, if you are in the area. Artwork is entitled The Guardian, and is © 2019 Jay Trefethen. All rights reserved. Learn more about the Pompanoosuc Mills Tent Sale, or how to order your own custom made hardwood furniture at

The Guardian