Old Jolly by Jay Trefethen

June 2019 Recap of Artwork by Jay Trefethen

New pyrography by Jay Trefethen

Old Jolly by Jay Trefethen
Old Jolly, 4.5″ $60
Never Forget
Never Forget, 4.5″ $40

Despite how busy I was I did manage to do a couple small pieces, and one commission. Both of the small pieces are shown above (click on them for larger images and more info.) I really like Old Jolly, as I think the white touches really make it stand out. And of course I’m very happy with Never Forget, as it features three pretty ladies in Day of the Dead makeup. What’s not to like about that? Both pieces were really fun and satisfying to make, though I am itching to get back into some larger pieces. The one commissioned piece was some lettering on an urn casket which I’ve decided not to show right now out of respect for the grieving family.


June was a very busy month for me. As I’ve mentioned before, I cancelled my Adobe subscription, so I lost all my software and my my portfolio.com website. In the spirit of open source, I’ve recreated my web site using WordPress, which has been quite a learning curve. So far it’s been working out well, considering I’m a WordPress newbie. Just time consuming because I had to upload everything all over again, and figure out the basics of how to get things done. The good news is I finally have a real store with PayPal buttons again. I haven’t had a proper web store of my own since I switched to Adobe’s my portfolio.com site, which doesn’t support that sort of thing.

Open Source

Owl art pyrography by Jay Trefethen, printed as flier
Jay Trefethen Pyrography Flier

I’ve also been learning to get by with open source graphics software, instead of fancy overpriced Adobe junk. So far it’s working out. I used Scribus to layout the fliers shown above. I had it printed by PrintKeg.com without any problems at all. For photo editing I’m using mostly DarkTable and I really like it. I’ve also discovered, or re-discovered actually, that if I pay just a bit more attention to my camera’s settings when taking pictures of my artwork, I can get better quality images that don’t really need that much editing. I guess I got a bit lazy when I had access to Photoshop and Lightroom.

Other Artwork

I also had time to do a couple of fabric paintings. The first was a commission for a friend who is way too fond of Mountain Dew. And since I had my fabric paints out anyway, I decided to do a little something for myself too, since I haven’t done any fabric painting in ages. The result is La Muerta. She came out quite lovely didn’t she? I hope I didn’t butcher my limited Spanish too much. The title is suppose to translate to The Dead Girl. A had a lot of fun doing this, so hopefully I’ll have some time this summer to do some more fabric painting. Who knows, maybe I’ll even drag out my old airbrush again…..Nah.