Spirit Raven wood burning art by Jay Trefethen
Spirit Raven, pyrography on basswood, $40 © 2019 by Jay Trefethen

Spirit Raven, Pyrography on Basswood, $40

This is a cool little piece of artwork featuring a raven skull burned onto a piece of basswood. Simple and evocative, it brings up thoughts of magick and the occult, night and death, the hunter becoming the hunted. Nature and the circle of life and the fear of the unknown also come to mind. Thats a full plate of associations for such a simple piece. No wonder animal skulls are featured so prominently in tribal art.


This is an original work of art, a one of a kind piece of hand made wood burning. It is on a kiln dried piece of basswood that measures 4.75′ wide, 5.25″ tall and .5″ thick. It has a D hook in the back for super easy wall hanging. It has three coats of satin finish polyurethane for a beautiful and protective finish. This is a quality piece of Archival Grade Fine Art that will last for generations. I’m only asking $40 for it, and that includes shipping, making it a real bargain. This is a great piece for someone just starting out in art collecting, or for someone looking for a small piece to add to an existing collection. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions at all at jaytref@jaytref.com.

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