Old Jolly, pyrography on basswood, © 2019 Jay Trefethen
Old Jolly, $60, pyrography and acrylics © 2019 by Jay Trefethen

Old Jolly, $60, free shipping

This is a mixed media piece on a basswood round with live edge. Most of the work was burned into the wood, as I usually do. But I also added highlights with acrylic paint, to really make the image pop. I also added one gold tooth with metallic acrylic paint, though the effect is much more subtle than I had hoped. This is a fun, simple and bold design, recognizable as a Jolly Roger design from across the room, despite its small size. I enjoy pirate themed fantasy art, and am especially fond of the Jolly Roger, as it has come to represent uncompromising freedom, nonconformity and individualism.

The Details

This is a 4″ wide by 4″ tall by .5″ thick piece of kiln dried basswood, with a live edge. It has been triple coated with high quality varnish for protection and a beautiful satin finish. A “D” style hook has been attached to the back for easy wall mounting. The artwork is an original design by me, not a copy or tracing, and is a OOAK, one of a kind original. This is a high quality archival grade piece of original artwork. I’m asking $60 for it, which is a very reasonable price for such a striking and attractive piece of original art. Shipping is included and will be done by Priority Mail. Thank you for your interest in my artwork. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions. I can be reached at jaytref@jaytref.com

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