Never Forget, pyrography on Basswood, $40, © 2019 by Jay Trefethen

Never Forget, $40, shipping included.

I’ve always had a fascination with Mexico’s Day of the Dead celebration. It is such a different take on death than the US’s collective state of denial. And of course the face paint is awesome. Okay, I’ll admit, it was the face paint that got me hooked in the first place. But the more I read about the history of the celebration and the ideas behind it, the more I admire the tradition. This is my first attempt at doing my own Dia de Los Muertos themed piece of artwork. I wasn’t sure how to go about doing a wood burning of a face painting of a stylized skull on an attractive girl would work. I just did some preliminary sketches and then winged it. The two girls in the background were improvised into the design just out of shear love of the subject matter.

The Details

This is an original piece of pyrography art, burned onto a kiln dried basswood round with live edges. It measures 4″ wide by 4.75″ tall and .5″ thick. It has three coats of satin finish varnish for a protective finish with a lovely soft luster. Instead of my normal metal ring in the back, I decided to loop a piece of twine through two holes near the top, for a more rustic, home made feel to the piece. I’m asking $4o for it, a very fair price for on original, heirloom quality piece of artwork. The price includes Priority Mail shipping. If you have any questions at all, please feel free to contact me at Thank you for your interest in my artwork. I really appreciate it.

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