Dance of Death, pyrography by Jay Trefethen
Dance of Death, $200 9″ X 12″ Maple Hardwood Panel, © 2018 Jay Trefethen. Woodburning art by Jay Trefethen

Dance of Death, $200, Free Shipping

Death, The Grim Reaper, holds a beautiful young girl from behind, in a surprisingly gentle and intimate embrace. Does Death truly care for the lady, and regret that he can only embrace her at her life’s closure? Or is he just copping a feel while he can, jealous of the life he is about to take away? You will have to be the judge.

This was a really fun woodburning to do. The image was originally a digital drawing that I created in the iPad app SketchClub. I don’t do a lot of digital art anymore, but I still dabble occasionally. I was really happy with how it came out though. So happy, I decided to copy the design onto some wood to burn it. I usually sketch my designs out freehand; very rarely do I trace. So this was a bit of a departure for me. I think it’s good to change up my technique once in awhile as it helps keep things interesting.

So the short version is that this is an original, one of a kind woodburning, based on an original digital design, also created by me.


This was burned on a maple panel that is 9″ wide, 12″ tall and .75″ think. It is varnished with two coats of matte oil based polyurethane, for a durable and attractive finish. On the back is a D style hanging hook, for easy wall display. I am asking $200 for this, which is a fair price for such a detailed work of pyrography art, on an extremely durable piece of real maple hardwood. Price includes shipping and insurance. If you would like any more information, please feel free to e-mail me at

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