Jay Trefethen, self taught artist, Bradford, Vermont

Jay Trefethen Artist’s Bio 2019

Jay Trefethen is a self taught artist currently living in Bradford, Vermont. Jay has always enjoyed sketching and drawing. Throughout all of life’s ups and downs, drawing was the one thing Jay could always turn to. Jay always felt the most alive, the most focused, with a sketchbook in one hand, and a pencil or pen in the other.

Jay currently makes his living as a woodworker at the world famous furniture shop, Pompanoosuc Mils. He finds that he has an affinity for woodworking, second only to his love of  creating art.

Currently, Jay is exploring the exciting medium of pyrography, which involves drawing on wood with heat, using a heated stylus. This medium is very rewarding as it combines his love for drawing with his passion for woodworking. 

Artist’s Statement 2019

I like to work in a variety of mediums, including drawing, painting and pyrography. Currently, my focus is on pyrography, as I’m getting a lot of personal satisfaction in burning my work onto wood. But no matter what materials I’m currently using, one common denominator for all my work is that I work from my imagination as much as possible, usually with no reference material at all. I find that pulling images out of my own memory and unconscious to be a very rewarding and illuminating practice. My subjects have a habit of choosing themselves, posing for my mind’s eye without much regard for any conscious decision making. My hope in showing my work is that others who have similar tastes and interests will feel a connection, and know that they are not alone in their passions, and that they will feel the same sense of peace on connection that I do when creating works of art.